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    Men in Black III opened not too long ago, and the Internet is abuzz with opinions. Did you see the third film of the series, and what did you think? After all, this was the first Men in Black film without Tommy Lee Jones as a central actor. Did Josh Brolin measure up? Could anyone measure up? See for yourselves...

    Score: A- "Sonnenfeld and Cohen move their baby along with an integrity and gait that ought to serve as a blueprint for other filmmakers faced with the particular challenges of reviving big-ticket and time-dated hunks of pop culture. Amid the mayhem, the movie is sophisticated enough to note the family resemblance between Rick Baker-stitched aliens and the human creatures who populated Andy Warhol's Factory in the downtown Manhattan …

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    Men in Black III is coming soon, and along with Will Smith, who we're all used to, we're going to see Josh Brolin portraying a younger Agent K. They could not have possibly done better with that casting, am I right?

    In Men in Black III, Agent J has to travel back in time to 1969 (hence the interactions with the younger Agent K). The retro aspect of the film makes way for a different style of aliens--these aliens have a vintage feel to them, like the kind of aliens you might see in early science fiction movies.

    Whaat are your impressions of these aliens? Do you like the colorful, psychadellic vibe or not? Comment below and let us know!

    Source: Entertainment Weekly

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