Earth Name


Indigenous Name


Actual Species


terell jeramine boyd

First Appearance

Men in Black: The Series


Animated Series

Home Planet


Is a Symbiot of unknown planet know by a charismatic and joker alien that help J on some of his missions.

His real name is Zanzor Kanicus.

Animated series

He appears in The Symbiote Syndrome receives by MIB for to take him to Los Angeles in his travel he is pursued by Treblor who stolle for a strange boss in the act he combinate with Jay from confront after in the desert he catch by Treblor and fused with a mysterious boss but he separate for kay from him and final he and Kay go to angeles. Returns in The Heads You Lose Syndrome he reveals a Jay and MIb that scapes froms his mother for prevent that she that found but he stolle by Alpha who combinate with him giving higher skills but saves by his mother who in company of Jay who separates from alpha along with the other aliens fused and return at home with his mother. In The Jack O'Lantern Syndrome returns at earth with other aliens by celebrates the Halloween in the base´s MIB.


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