"The Breaking News Syndrome"
"The Endgame Syndrome, Part 1"

"The Zero to Superhero Syndrome"
Season 4
Episode 11
Episode in Total 51
Air Date May 26, 2001
Production Code 402
Directed By Curt Walstead
Written By Baz Hawkins

"The Zero to Superhero Syndrome" is the eleventh episode of Season Four, and the 51th overrall. it originally aired on May 26, 2001. It was written by Baz Hawkins and directed by Curt Walstead.


A super-hero calling himself Cosmosis emerges to defend the city from evil, but he is really an alien looking to put his powers to good use. However, MIB feels his new profession could attract trouble for Earth, so they try to lure him out using Jay as bait.


MIB The Series S4E11 Zero to Superhero Syndrome21:21

MIB The Series S4E11 Zero to Superhero Syndrome


Alien electric


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