"The Blackguard Syndrome"
"The Cold Sweat Syndrome"

"The Worm-Guy Guy Syndrome"
Season 3
Episode 1
Episode in Total 27
Air Date Oct 2, 1999
Production Code 302
Directed By Jane Wu Soriano
Written By Duane Capizzi

"The Worm-Guy Guy Syndrome" is the first episode of Season Three, and the 27th overall. It originally aired on October 2, 1999. It was written by Duane Capizzi and directed by Jane Wu Soriano.


Two Kalifadik law enforcement officials begin punishing the guilty on Earth, using teleportation guns to send them to an alien prison. As MIB tries to stop them, Jay and one of the worms pass through each in mid-teleportation and slowly turn into each other.


Part 1

Part 2

MIB - 3x01 - The Worm Guy (Part 1)10:35

MIB - 3x01 - The Worm Guy (Part 1)

MIB - 3x01 - The Worm Guy (Part 2)10:40

MIB - 3x01 - The Worm Guy (Part 2)

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