"The Neuralyzer Syndrome"
"The Inanimate Syndrome"

"The Symbiote Syndrome"
Season 1
Episode 7
Episode in Total 7
Air Date November 22, 1997
Production Code 07
Directed By Nathan Chew
Written By Alexx Van Dyne

"The Symbiote Syndrome" is the seventh episode of Season One. It originally aired on November 22, 1997.

It was written by Alexx Van Dyne and directed by Nathan Chew.


When Kay is infected with Millicrons, Jay takes his place on an assignment to transport a teenaged symbiote named Troy to New York City. He has to do it within twenty hours, or be permanently absorbed by Troy. But Buzzard returns and is looking to capture the symbiote for his mysterious boss.


Only trying to live a virus gets into Kay's body not trying to make him sick. Jay meets with Troy and team up to fight the Buzzard who has returned.

This time to get Troy for his boss.

When L helps the aliens in Kay's body leave when they find out they are acting like a virus to him

he helps Jay and Troy stop the Buzzard.


Men in black the series S1E07 The Symbiote Syndrome21:03

Men in black the series S1E07 The Symbiote Syndrome

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