"The Black Christmas Syndrome"
"The Star System Syndrome"

"The Supermen in Black Syndrome"
4700144 l3-1-
Season 2
Episode 11
Episode in Total 24
Air Date Jan 16, 1999
Production Code 23
Directed By Nathan Chew
Written By Steve Roberts

"The Supermen in Black Syndrome" is the eleventh episode of Season Two, and the 24th overrall. it originally aired on January 16, 1999. It was written by Steven Roberts and directed by Nathan Chew.


The Tomassitron Matter Amplifier is transport by Comand Birgill grants Jay, Kay and Elle Super Powers, in addition to three escaped criminal aliens. Eventually leading to a showdown between the super powered people.




Husband´s Bosquille


Men in black the series S2E10 - The Supermen in Black Syndrome21:18

Men in black the series S2E10 - The Supermen in Black Syndrome

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