"The Jack O'Lantern Syndrome"
"The Bad Seed Syndrome"

"The Sonic Boom Syndrome"
Season 2
Episode 7
Episode in Total 20
Air Date November 7, 1998
Production Code 20
Directed By Nathan Chew
Written By Steve Roberts

"The Sonic Boom Syndrome" is the seventh episode of Season Two. It originally aired on November 7, 1998. It was written by Steve Roberts and directed by Nathan Chew.


A sonic powered alien named Aldoosi escapes from Eileen and her new partner, Eidi. To track this fugitive down, Kay works with Eileen and Jay works with Eidi.



Men in black the series S2E07 - The Sonic Boom Syndrome21:18

Men in black the series S2E07 - The Sonic Boom Syndrome

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