"The Little Big Man Syndrome"
"The Heads You Lose Syndrome"

"The Quick Clone Syndrome"
Season 2
Episode 2
Episode in Total 15
Air Date September 26, 1998
Production Code 14
Directed By Mike Goguen
Written By Duane Capizzi

"The Quick Clone Syndrome" is the second episode of Season Two. It originally aired on September 26, 1998 and the episode was written by Duane Capizzi and directed by Mike Goguen.


Agent J is working long hours. He wants some rest. When he noticed an Agent L quick clone, he asks L to launch him some. L is reluctant at first, but then she decides three and only three. Alpha's latest scheme - using his own J lookalike to steal Zed's brain - complicates matters.


Gravlax Family

Gorgonite visitor


Men in black the series S2E01 - The Quick Clone Syndrome21:18

Men in black the series S2E01 - The Quick Clone Syndrome

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