"The Cold Sweat Syndrome"
"The Lost Continent Syndrome"

"The Puppy Love Syndrome"
Season 3
Episode 3
Episode in Total 29
Air Date October 23, 1999
Production Code 301
Directed By Christopher Berkeley
Written By Thomas Pugsley, Greg Klein

"The Puppy Love Syndrome" is the third episode of Season Three, and the 29th overrall. it originally aired on October 23, 1999. It was written by Thomas Pugsley, Greg Klein and directed by Christopher Berkeley.


Frank the Pug meets an alien named Veronica and falls in love. But what he doesn't know is that Veronica works for Javkor, who is out to steal MIB's most powerful weapons Pzim Cycloid


Men in black the series S3E03 - The Puppy Love Syndrome21:22

Men in black the series S3E03 - The Puppy Love Syndrome

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