"The Inanimate Syndrome"
"The Head Trip Syndrome"

"The Psychic Link Syndrome"
Season 1
Episode 9
Episode in Total 9
Air Date December 13, 1997
Production Code 09
Directed By Nathan Chew
Written By Steve Roberts

"The Psychic Link Syndrome" was the ninth episode of Season One. It originally aired on December 13, 1997. It was written by Steve Roberts and directed by Nathan Chew.


An insane Alcidian named Forbus is hunting humans, draining them of their bodily fluids. But during the pursuit, Forbus forms a psychic link with Kay, making him feel whatever he feels.




Men in black the series S1E09 The Psychic Link Syndrome20:41

Men in black the series S1E09 The Psychic Link Syndrome

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