"The Way Out West Syndrome"
"The Bye-Bye Worm Syndrome"

"The Mine, Mine, Mine Syndrome"
Season 3
Episode 6
Episode in Total 32
Air Date November 20, 1999
Production Code 306
Directed By Darwyn Cooke
Written By Tony Reitano

"The Mine, Mine, Mine Syndrome" is the sixth episode of Season Three, and the 32nd overrall. It originally aired on November 20, 1999. It was written by Tony Reitano and directed by Darwyn Cooke.


The Bug Queen herself has come to Earth and is hiding in a hotel, waiting for her eggs to be able to hatch and take over. Making things more difficult for MiB is the presence of the Emperor Worm, who happens to be staying in the exact same hotel as the Bugs.


Men in black the series S3E06 - The Mine, Mine, Mine Syndrome21:21

Men in black the series S3E06 - The Mine, Mine, Mine Syndrome

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