"The Symbiote Syndrome"
"The Psychic Link Syndrome"

"The Inanimate Syndrome"
Season 1
Episode 8
Episode in Total 8
Air Date December 6, 1997
Production Code 08
Directed By Michael Goguen
Written By Thomas Pugsley

Greg Klein


"The Inanimate Syndrome" is the eighth episode of Season One. It originally aired on December 6, 1997. It was written by Thomas Pugsley, Greg Klein and directed by Michael Goguen.


An Inanimate, a shapeshifter capable of disguising itself as inanimate objects, escapes from prison to Earth. But the MIB get some help from Eileen, an intergalactic cop that stirs up some old feelings for Kay.


Alien criminal´s Tunel Love



Men in black the series S1E08 The Inanimate Syndrome21:17

Men in black the series S1E08 The Inanimate Syndrome

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