"The Sardines and Ice Cream Syndrome"
"The Baby Kay Syndrome"

"The I Want My Mummy Syndrome"
Season 3
Episode 11
Episode in Total 37
Air Date March 4, 2000
Production Code 313
Directed By Bryan Andrews
Written By Steve Melching

"The I Want My Mummy Syndrome" is the eleventh episode of Season Three, and the 37th overrall. it originally aired on March 4, 2000. It was written by Steve Melching and directed by Bryan Andrews.


Kay and Jay have to contend with a recently awakened Hyperian, which is dressed like an ancient Egyptian Mummy.


Men in black the series S3E11 - The I Want My Mummy Syndrome21:18

Men in black the series S3E11 - The I Want My Mummy Syndrome

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