"The Elle of My Dreams Syndrome"
"The Take No Prisoners Syndrome"

"The I Married an Alien Syndrome"
Season 1
Episode 12
Episode in Total 12
Air Date February 14, 1998
Production Code 13
Directed By Dennis Woodyard
Written By Steve Roberts

The I Married an Alien Syndrome was the 12th episode of Season One. It originally aired on February 14, 1998. It was written by Dean Stefan and directed by Dennis Woodyard.


The Blastula are increasing the temperature on Earth in their plot to colonize the planet. Meanwhile, Jay believes that Kay may be an alien spy for the Blastula.




Men in black the series S1E12 The I Married an Alien Syndrome21:07

Men in black the series S1E12 The I Married an Alien Syndrome

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