"The Worm-Guy Guy Syndrome"
"The Puppy Love Syndrome"

"The Cold Sweat Syndrome"
Season 3
Episode 2
Episode in Total 28
Air Date Oct 9, 1999
Production Code 303
Directed By Bryan Andrews
Written By Steve Melching

"The Cold Sweat Syndrome" is the second episode of Season Three, and the 28th overrall. it originally aired on October 9, 1999. It was written by Steve Melching and directed by Bryan Andrews.


Merged together, Alpha and Dak find themselves in Antarctica where a powerful alien spaceship lies buried. It's up to Kay, Jay, Jeebs and the worms to stop them from using it.


Men in black the series S3E02 - The Cold Sweat Syndrome21:27

Men in black the series S3E02 - The Cold Sweat Syndrome

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