"The Hots for Jay Syndrome"
"The Virtual Crossfire Syndrome"

"The Circus Parade Syndrome"
Season 4
Episode 8
Episode in Total 48
Air Date April 28, 2001
Production Code 409
Directed By Curt Walstead
Written By Julia Lewald

"The Circus Parade Syndrome" is the eighth episode of Season Four, and the 48th overrall. it originally aired on April 28, 2001. It was written by Julia Lewald and directed by Curt Walstead.


A member of a witness protection program for aliens is on the run from an intergalactic gang called The Association when they discover he's on Earth.


MIB The Series S4E8 The Circus Parade Syndrome21:23

MIB The Series S4E8 The Circus Parade Syndrome

Crab alien criminal

Many Pocket

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