"The Long Goodbye Syndrome"
"The Irritable Bow-Wow Syndrome"

"The Buzzard Syndrome"
Season 1
Episode 2
Episode in Total 2
Air Date October 18, 1997
Production Code 02
Directed By Nathan Chew
Written By Steve Roberts

"The Buzzard Syndrome" was the second episode of Season One. It originally aired on October 18, 1997. It was written by Steve Roberts and directed by Nathan Chew.


Kay and Jay investigate a crashed alien ship in the woods. Soon they encounter Treblor, an alien cop from the Zombarian Retrieval Department. Treblor claims that the owner of the crashed ship is a dangerous fugitive named Z-Ron. While Jay goes out ahead to capture Z-Ron, Kay learns that "Treblor" is not who he says he is.


Jimmy the ruthless a alien like the Arquillans ,but mean gets captured from Agent U

and Jay and Kay go off to stop a creature like kitten when a cop shows up named Treblor and

as Jay scouts ahead and finds Timmy as friends to the Kitten like alien Kay learns that Treblor is

not a cop ,but a Bountyhunter Buzzard where the Buzzards live and Jay and Kay learn that

Treblor is using the kitten for money. When L learns what the Kitten real is a beast Jay saves timmy and

Treblor gets away with out Z-Ron ,but Kay has put explosives in Treblor's ship and Jay and Kay take

him home and nuralize him.


Men in black the series S1E02 The Buzzard Syndrome20:59

Men in black the series S1E02 The Buzzard Syndrome

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