"The Sonic Boom Syndrome"
"The Fmall, Fmall World Syndrome"

"The Bad Seed Syndrome"
Season 2
Episode 8
Episode in Total 21
Air Date November 14, 1998
Production Code 21
Directed By Christopher Dozois
Written By Alexx Van Dyne
"The Bad Seed Syndrome" is the eighth episode of Season Two. It originally aired on November 14, 1998. It was written by Alexx Van Dyne and directed by Christopher Dozois.


Parasites spread by alien seeds take over MIB and threaten the world. As the remaining agents try to stop it, Jay can't keep his mouth shut since he's accidentally been given a truth serum.



Men in black the series S2E08 - The Bad Seed Syndrome21:18

Men in black the series S2E08 - The Bad Seed Syndrome

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