"The Baby Kay Syndrome"
"The "J" is for James Syndrome"

"The Bad Doggie Syndrome"
Season 3
Episode 13
Episode in Total 39
Air Date April 8, 2000
Production Code 312
Directed By Darwyn Cooke
Written By Marsha Griffin

"The Bad Doggie Syndrome" is the thirteenth episode of Season Three, and the 39th overrall. it originally aired on April 8, 2000. It was written by Marsha Griffin and directed by Darwyn Cooke.


Kay and Jay are moving fast to stop the take over of Earth by the Tunstons, whose king is hiding out in Frank the Pug's body.


Men in black the series S3E13 - The Bad Doggie Syndrome21:26

Men in black the series S3E13 - The Bad Doggie Syndrome

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