"The Irritable Bow-Wow Syndrome"
"The Undercover Syndrome"

"The Alpha Syndrome"
Alpha Alien
Season 1
Episode 4
Episode in Total 4
Air Date November 1, 1997
Production Code 04
Directed By Michael Goguen
Written By Alexx Van Dyne

"The Alpha Syndrome" is the fourth episode of Season 1 of Men in Black: The Series. It originally aired on November 1, 1997 and the episode was written by Alexx Van Dyne and directed by Michael Goguen.


Investigating the theft of a Sintillian Heart, Kay learns the culprit is Alpha, his former mentor, who stole a Verulian Cosmic Integrator and left Kay for dead years ago. But Jay and Kay discover that Alpha now has multiple alien body parts grafted onto his body, becoming even more dangerous.


When Zed shows Kay and Jay a new Sintillian, he reveals his heart was stolen right out of his body. Expand.

Criminal Nexvo

Criminal Pinosapian



Men in black the series S1E04 The Alpha Syndrome20:46

Men in black the series S1E04 The Alpha Syndrome

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