"The Bad Doggie Syndrome"
"The Musical Chairs Syndrome"

"The "J" is for James Syndrome"
Season 3
Episode 14
Episode in Total 40
Air Date May 20, 2000
Production Code 315
Directed By Jane Wu Soriano
Written By Dean Stefan

"The "J" is for James Syndrome is the thirteenth episode of Season Three, and the 40th overrall. it originally aired on May 20, 2000. It was written by Dean Stefan and directed by Jane Wu Soriano.


After Jay goes for a joyride using the LTD he ends up getting terminated from the MIB. He is then neuralyzed and back in the NYPD... just as the insects attack again.

Drone the bug


Men in black the series S3E14 - The J is for James Syndrome21:23

Men in black the series S3E14 - The J is for James Syndrome

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