Season Three is the third season of Men in Black: The Series. It originally ran from October 2, 1999 with "The Worm-Guy Guy Syndrome" and ended on May 20, 2000 with "The "J" is for James Syndrome".


# Title Writer(s) Director Original airdate Code
27 "The Worm-Guy Guy Syndrome" Duane Capizzi Jane Wu Soriano October 2, 1999 302
Two Kalifadik law enforcement officials begin punishing the guilty on Earth, using teleportation guns to send them to an alien prison. As MIB tries to stop them, Jay and one of the worms pass through each in mid-teleportation and slowly turn into each other.

28 "The Cold Sweat Syndrome" Steve Melching Bryan Andrews October 9, 1999 303
Merged together, Alpha and Dak find themselves in Antarctica where a powerful alien spaceship lies buried. It's up to Jay, Kay, Jeebs and the worms to stop them from using it.

29 "The Puppy Love Syndrome" Tom Pugsley & Greg Klein Christopher Berkeley October 23, 1999 301
Frank the Pug meets an alien named Veronica and falls in love. But what he doesn't know is that Veronica works for Javkor, who is out to steal MIB's most powerful weapons

30 "The Lost Continent Syndrome" Dean Stefan Christopher Berkeley November 6, 1999 307
Jay and Kay have to stop alien terrorist Quintoon's plans to raise the legendary Atlantis continent.

31 "The Way Out West Syndrome" Tony Schilacci Nathan Chew November 13, 1999 305
When MIB fails to stop a Metaphite that threatens Phoenix, Jay and Kay have to travel back in time to the wild west to find the Metaphite's then vulnerable cocoon. Unfortunately, a Vexron living in that time is determined to make sure that they don't succeed.

32 "The Mine, Mine, Mine Syndrome" Tony Reitano Darwyn Cooke November 20, 1999 306
The Bug Queen herself has come to Earth and is hiding in hotel, waiting for her eggs to be able to hatch and take over. Making things more difficult for MIB is the presence of the Emperor Worm, who happens to be staying in the exact same hotel as the Bugs.

33 "The Bye-Bye Worm Syndrome" Alexx Van Dyne Vincenzo Trippetti December 4, 1999 311
When Zed orders the worms to be sent back to their home after another mishap, Jay does whatever he can to prove their innocence.

34 "The Lights Out Syndrome" Nick DuBois Bryan Andrews January 15, 2000 304
Kay is blinded by a Darkon ray and will need Jay's help to stop the Darkons from creating a permanent eclipse.

35 "The Out to Pasture Syndrome" Dean Stefan Darwyn Cooke January 22, 2000 308
Zed surprises everyone when he decides it's time to retire. Jay gets partnered with Elle since Kay is chosen to be the new head of MIB. As Zed is neuralyzed and embarks on a life of fishing in Long Island, Alpha returns more powerful than ever.

36 "The Sardines and Ice Cream Syndrome" Tony Sommo Christopher Berkeley February 5, 2000 309
Jay accidentally swallows an alien egg and becomes pregnant. Meanwhile, the Fmeks are shrinking everything in sight.

37 "The I Want My Mummy Syndrome" Steve Melching Bryan Andrews March 4, 2000 313
Jay and Kay have to contend with a recently awakened Hyperian, which is dressed like an ancient Egyptian Mummy.

38 "The Baby K Syndrome" Barry Hawkins Vincenzo Trippetti March 25, 2000 314
The Stellairian leader comes to Earth for peace talks and Jay and Kay have to watch over his daughter, Kima. When she is kidnapped by Frostifarians, her age regressing hypo-spray breaks loose. Now as Kima grows older, Kay begins turning into a baby.

39 "The Bad Doggie Syndrome" Marsha Griffin Darwyn Cooke April 8, 2000 312
Jay and Kay are moving fast to stop the take over of Earth by the Tunstons, whose king is hiding out in Frank the Pug's body.

40 "The "J" is for James Syndrome" Dean Stefan Jane Wu Soriano May 20, 2000 315
Jay's destructive joyride in the LTD causes him to be thrown out of MIB. Now, Jay is neuralyzed and back in the NYPD... just as the Bugs attack again.

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