Redgick's Baby is an infant of the Squid race. It was delivered by it's mother, with the help of Agent J while Agent K was interrogating Redgick, in regards of his leaving out of designated zone. J at first just tried to get Redgick's wife into doing lamaze techniques. However in her pain, she shifted into her squid form snatching J, to vent out her aggression slamming him on the car a couple of times. While J wasn't hurt too bad, he managed to successfully, help deliver the baby squid. It's gender is unknown, J comments on how cute it is. Judging by it's limited expressions, it seemed to like J since he was the first person it saw in it's birth. While it vomits on him, briefly killing the moment, it seemed unintentional, but at the same time amusing to the infant. It is not known what happened to the baby along with Redgick and his wife, but considering Edgar the Bug was the reason for his and the other alien's evacuation of Earth, it's safe to assume that along with Jack Jeebs and Frank The Pug, Frank the Pug returned to their designated zones.

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