men in black 2 deluxe sets

the men in black 2 toy line was based on the hit movie men in black 2 by hasbro.

the sets them selfs had a light up & sound gimmck with a small alien and an 4 inch figuer

  • WAVE 1
  • agent jay deluxe set
  • agent kay deluxe set
  • Sleeble and Geeble (the worms) deluxe set
  • scrad & charlie deluxe set
  • Men In Black Strike Cruiser (e-class)
  • talking 12 inch agent jay with frank the pug
  • WAVE 2
  • re-releseds of wave 1
  • anti-gravity agent jay deluxe set
  • serleena deluxe set
  • 6 inch agent jay
  • 6 inch agent kay


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