steet-stalker kay

galoobmen in black was a toyline made by galoob in june of 1997 based on the men in black movie and was one of the last toylines by galoob after closeing in 1998

bendable alien figures were sets that only came with a 4 inch alien figure with little movement and were also sold at any place that sold toys and were marked at 3.99

Elby 17 Redgick Jr. Bobo the Squat Mavies13 Mikey Worm Alien Mavis 12 Skulk

action figures were sets that came with a 5 inch figure in a action pose a wapen and a stand with a hiden alien these sets were mark at the price of 5.99-6.99$ and were found any place that sold toys

alien-blast jay steet-striker kay alien attack edgar flame-blastin jay

slime-fighting kay

alien blast jay

deluxe action figures were biger sets mark at 10.99-11.99$ that had alien revling gimmick thes were also found at any place that sold toys

body-slame jay jeebs mikey

ultra alien 13.99-15.99$ alien terrorist edgar

alien edger van 16.99-17.99$ zap_em van

role-play alien investion gear 15.99$ came with noisy criket,nuralizer,mib glasses,and alien communicator

series 4-D atomizer 19.99$

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