The Men in Black Wiki has an IRC channel. The IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is a chat room where users can discuss Men in Black, editing, or get help or advice. Users can connect at any time, however there's no guarantee anyone will be around to talk!

How to Access

To access through your web browser go to and type your user name into the user name box, #wikia-mibwiki into the channel box and click connect.

You can access it on-wiki by going to IRC/Connect.

If you are having problems, ask an administrator for help.

Useful Information

Users with the @ symbol next to their name are administrators, excluding ChanServ. ChanServ is an IRC robot that connects our channel to freenode, if no one except ChanServ is in the channel, consider it empty as ChanServ does not 'talk'.


Please be polite and do not offend other users. Administrators can kick (temporarily remove) and ban (block for a certain amount of time) disruptive or uncooperative users on the IRC.

  1. Do not offend other users by insulting or harassing them or doing similar things.
  2. Do not display or discuss content that could be offensive to younger people (whilst the IRC is illegal for under 13s, remember that under 13s can use it).
  3. Do not swear in the channel.


An Alternative to IRC is Chat. It is located on the sidebar of every page except the main page. It does require a Wikia User name, and IRC is open to everyone.

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