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Rosenburg dying

Gentle Rosenburg is an Arquilian on Earth, and member of the Arquilian royal family. Like other Arquilians, he has a robotic human he lives in. He is the keeper of the Arquilian Galaxy, and owns a jewelery store.


Mike-Nussbaum-as Gentle-Rosenburg

Rosenburg's human exo-suit form.

Rosenburg was hunted down by Edgar the Bug. He was able to stay hidden, but during lunch with a fellow Arquilian, he was found by the Bug. He then tells the Bug "you can kill us both but you will not find the Galaxy." At this point, he was killed along with his fellow Arquillian and the Bug stole what was thought to be the Galaxy. At the morgue, the two Arquilians and Rosenburg's cat, Orion are looked at by Jay and Kay with assumed identities and the morgue attendant Laurel.

Here, Jay accidentally opens the head, revealing the tiny Arquilian. He tells that the Galaxy is on Orion's Belt, and dies. After a long search, they realize that he meant that his cat's collar was Orion's belt. Moments later back at MiB Headquarters, Jay, Kay, and Zed find out that there is an Arquilian battle cruiser entering Earth's orbit. A message is delivered to MiB saying, "MiB deliver the galaxy or Earth will be destroyed! Sorry." Eventually Jay and Kay recover the galaxy after their fight with Edgar the Bug. Therefore the Earth is saved from total destruction.


  • Rosenburg was going to be a Baltian in first drafts of the film, and him and the other Arquilian would talk about ending their war. However, they made him an Arquilian too, and turned their coversation into gibberish which became Arquilian.


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