The Fmeks ere species of planet Fmoo, they are enemies of Arquillians and MIB.

Animated series

They appears first in The Little Big Man Syndrome with a plan of stollen exosuits of arquillians with intention of catch a Arquillians and take a control of mortal blaster with intention of destroy planet Arquillia but his plans is frustrated by Jay and Kay. They returns in The Fmall, Fmall World Syndrome with a intention of obtain a growth formula for conquer eath in the process one of they absorbs the formula and growth in a giant Fmecks and final he defeat by a Worm in his giant form and is return at his little tall. In The Sardines and Ice Cream Syndrome they are shrinking everything in sight. In The Loose Ball Foul Syndrome They are back and trying to take over a tiny planet that resembles a baseball


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