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Not to be confused with Edgar, or even Edwin the Bug.

Edgar's real form

Edgar the Bug (or just The Bug) is a Bug alien and the main antagonist of the first Men in Black film. His actual appearance is that of a giant cockroach. He hates it when any bug, especially cockroaches are killed. Edgar in human form and his animated series appearance are both portrayed by Vincent D'Onofrio.

Powers and Abilities

  • Heightened Intellect - Edgar the Bug possessed a sharper and more advanced level of intelligence than humans.
  • Super Strength - Edgar the Bug was shown to possess inhuman strength, and K makes a comment that implies it had unlimited strength, but with its human body, it seems to somewhat compress it to an extent. However, in his true form, he is able to use the full extent of his strength, knocking and kicking both K and J with one strike and kick.
  • Super Flexibility - He was extremely flexible, being 11 feet tall he was able to awkwardly fit into the skin and clothing of a 6'3" male human.
  • Super Leaping - As a bug, Edgar the Bug was agile and nimble, enabling it to hop extremely high in the air.
  • Camouflage - Edgar the Bug is able to change the sound of his voice.  Yet once inside the skin, it still sounds unhuman.


Edgar skin

The Edgarbug when using Edgar's skin as a disguise.

Edgar the Bug takes on the form of a 11ft tall colossal cockroach-esque alien, complete with two antenna hanging over his head. He has big yellow eyes and enormous, razor sharp teeth and a deadly stinger on the tip of his tail. When inhabiting the skin of Edgar, he looks remarkably like the farmer except for his raggard appearance, namely as his skin is noted to hang off his bones on several occasions. In addition, Edgar bug's left eye is slightly discoloured and pale in comparison with his right eye. Over time in the movie the skin of the dead man slowly flakes and decomposes becoming worse each time he's seen.


Men in Black

In the beginning, the Bug crashes on Earth by flying saucer. He crashes on the truck of Edgar, a grumpy farmer, who is killed, and his skin is stolen. The Bug wears the skin while he searches for the Arquilian Galaxy. Throughout, he is chased by Kay and Jay of the MiB, who are always one step behind. Edgar finally gets the Galaxy, and attempts to leave a hidden ship. But, the ship is shot down by Jay and Kay.

After the ship crashes, Edgar emmerges and pulls his skin off, revealing his true self. He eats the agents' guns and Kay purposely gets eaten as well. Jay is able to distract the Bug by throwing things at him, jumping on him, and stepping on cockroaches, and Kay is able to get his gun and blows the Bug in half from the inside. They finally have the Galaxy, but half the Bug starts coming back behind them, when Laurel, a morgue worker who was kidnapped by the bug, shoots the bug with J's gun, finally killing him.

Men in Black: The Series


Edgar the Bug in a flashback

In Men in Black: The Series, Edgar's family, including his brother, Edwin the Bug appear in "The Big Bad Bug Syndrome". Here, they attempt to get payback to Elle for her killing of Edgar (remember Elle gave the final blow to Edgar). Edgar is seen in a flashback, however he is animated, and resembles Edwin, which looks nothing like his film appearance.




  • The Bug is foreshadowed as the main villain in the intro of the film which follows the flight of a Dragonfly that eventually gets smashed into a windshield of the truck full of illegal immigrants (including Mikey the Alien). Two more supporting facts is that the dragonfly and the Bug are both obviously insects, and in the intro while the dragonfly is flying around, it is accompanied by the song of the trademark M.I.B. Main Theme, which sounds intimidating in its own.


  • In the novelization of Men in Black by Steve Perry, the Bug's actual name is Kerb.
  • He is never given a name in the film, so he is referred to as "Edgar" after the man whose skin he wears.
  • According to Edwin the Bug, Edgar is the younger brother of the two(though all Bugs are siblings).
  • In Star Fox Adventures, the boss Galdon looks similar in appearance to Edgar. Also, Fox is eaten by Galdon in a similar manner to Kay (after eating an important item), and attacks him from the inside.
  • He is the only villain (of the movie continuity) not to have henchmen

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