Duane Capizzi
Duane Capizzi
is an American writer and television producer. He is best known for his extensive work on animated series and movies for DC Comics. He was the co-showrunner of the animated series, The Batman and writer of the first DC Universe animated feature, Superman: Doomsday (based on The Death of Superman saga, and directed by Bruce Timm). Other animated series producing/writing credits include Jackie Chan Adventures, "The Big Guy & Rusty the Boy Robot," "Men In Black: The Animated Series," and series development on the CG animated Roughnecks: The Starship Troopers Chronicles for Sony TV Animation. He also wrote and story-edited for several 'Disney Afternoon' TV series including Darkwing Duck, Aladdin, "TaleSpin, and "Bonkers." He began his career in animation writing scripts for "Robotech II: The Sentinels" for Harmony Gold. The series was never produced, but led to writing and story-editing on the animated "Alf" spinoff/prequel he is currently working on the newest Transformers cgi series for Hasbro Studios, the Emmy-winning Transformers: Prime.

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