Drekk is a criminal alien that that has both super strength and the ability to shoot lava from his hands. He was, at one time, Frank's cellmate in prison & is one of the main villains of MIB.
MiB 02x04 The Dog Eat Dog-1

Animated series

He first appears in The Dog Eat Dog Syndrome after he escapes out of his prison he lands on the earth to find his old friend Frank but he says that he is supposed to be best friends when Jay and Kay catch him, but he escapes anew and catches Frank but Frank proposes to help him in his plan of revenge with Jay and Kay when he pretends to kill them in their arrest. He returns in The Black Christmas Syndrome in company of a army´s strange alien he kidnaps Santa Claus but MIB saves Santa and destroys his plan. Returns more latter in The Breaking News Syndrome to cause trouble.

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