Mib 000Dragonfly

The Dragonfly flies in front of the full moon.

Danny Elfman- M.I03:01

Danny Elfman- M.I.B (Men In Black)

The song played in the opening credits of the Dragonfly's flight.

The Dragonfly is a Bug that plays an extremely minor role in the original film, and is only seen in the opening credits. In the opening credits, a small flying insect (possibly a mosquito or firefly) in buzzing around in the night sky, when all of a sudden the big dragonfly swoops over and devours the unfortunate bug in its path. After this, the title "Men In Black" appears on the screen, and the most recoganizable part of Danny Elfman's trademark M.I.B. Main Theme starts to play and dramatically follows the flight of the Dragonfly. The Dragonfly then flies up into the view of the full moon and then is about to collide with a truck where, at the last minute, flies up into the truck's exhaust pipe and avoids being squashed. The Dragonfly then flies over several cars before it decides to fly downwards, where a car runs it over (although not killing it); this caused the Dragonfly to spin and get disorriented. The dragonfly finally sees the headlights of a truck where it smashes into its windshield, turning the Dragonfly into a smeer of "bug juice".


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