Creepy (aka The Thief) is a minor antagonist from Men In Black II, who was eaten by Serleena after her arrival on Earth. He was portrayed by Michael Bailey Smith.


Creepy's role is purely that of cannon fodder; his one and only scene is simply to show off how dangerous Serleena is. He has his small appearance in the opening credits, where he has been roaming Central Park at night, searching for people to mug. Meanwhile, Serleena manages to land in Central Park, and after scaring away a pet dog, she finds a magazine with a Victoria's Secret advert for Lingerie.

She transforms into an exact copy of the model in the advert, and when she is finished, Creepy grabs her from behind. Holding her at knifepoint, he licks her neck and takes her behind a bush, telling Serleena that she "tastes good". However, once behind the bush, Serleena devours Creepy, swallowing him alive. She sadistically tells him that he tastes good as well.

She then walks back from behind the bush, carrying Creepy in her large sloshing stomach, which has already begun to digest him. When she gets back to the magazine and sees the slim model in the picture, she realises that having Creepy inside her ruins the disguise, and while contemplating what to do, her belly makes a loud churning noise, indicating that she may not have long to decide. Ultimately she goes back behind the bush where she regurgitates his remains. Taking his leather clothes to change into, she walks away to change into his clothes and begin her search for the Light of Zartha.

It is unknown whether Creepy survived his ordeal, but his silence after he is regurgitated hints that he was killed. It is also possible that he had been fully digested and Serleena simply threw up his clothes.


Serleena Vore Belly.png

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