"The Ravening"
"Men in Black: Initiation"

"Con Sequences"
Con Sequences
Volume The Men in Black Book II
Issue in Volume #3
Issue in Total #6
Number of Pages 36
Original Cost $2.50
Release Date July 1992
Published By Aircel Comics/Malibu Comics
Written By Lowell Cunningham
Illustrated By Sandy Carruthers

Con Sequences is the third and final issue in the second volume, The Men in Black Book II, in The Men in Black Comic Series. Con Sequences is the final issue of the series not based off of the first movie. Originally released in July 1992, and was written by Lowell Cunningham and was produced by Aircel Comics, but distributed by Malibu Comics.


Plot Unknown


Issue Information

  • 36 Pages
  • Color
  • Original Price: US $2.50 ($3.00 in Canada)




Cover Artist



  • This is the first issue to be in color.
  • This is technically the last issue in the original Series, as the Marvel comics were based on the movie.

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