Central Park

Central Park is the main park in New-York city, at the island Manhattan. Its first appearance was in Men in Black II.

When a kylothian queen Serleena destroyed several planets in search of Light of Zartha, she got a message from Scrad and Charlie that the Light of Zartha is on Earth. After a quick change of course, she flew on Earth and her ship fell somewhere in Central Park. When Serleena came out from her ship, she represented herself and a small kyloth serpent. Suddenly, a random dog catches up to the ship (which is only a few inches tall) and barks at the Serleena, which looks like a strange mouthless serpent. The serpent's head opens up and roars loudly, scaring the dog away. The serpent slithers across the ground, coming across a magazine. Wind blows the pages open to an ad for Victoria's Secret, where the female model Lara Flynn Boyle wears black lingerie and black shoes. The head opens wide and then hundreds of serpents come out, screeching and shrieking, forming herself into exact copy of lingerie model from the magazine ad. 

Immediately after Serleena fully forms herself, a thief named Creepy dressed in leather grabs her and holds a knife to her neck. He licks her and tells her that she tastes good, and then drags her to a nearby bush with idea to rape her. Hidden from view, Serleena manages to get free from hands of Creepy, then she roars and eats the man, his legs visible as she eats him upside down. Serleena says, "Yeah, you too." She walks back from the bush, licking her fingers and moving her stomach from side to side. Suddenly, she stops and then looks at the ad again. Understanding that her big stomach is ruining her human form, she growls and then walks back to the bush and vomits Creepy's clothes. She is coming out from bush with her slim stomach again, carrying rapist's clothing and walking away with it through alley of Central Park.



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