The Bug Queen Revealed

The Bug Queen is the queen of all Bugs. She sends Edwin to go get whoever killed Edgar the Bug during his quest for the Arquilian Galaxy. Edwin finds Elle after a short quest (Elle gave the final shot to Edgar), and kidnaps her. Then Jay, Kay, and the Worms find Elle and Jay, Kay, and Elle are captured. Luckily, the Worms revive some betrayed bugs, who kill Edwin before they are taken to the Queen. However, the Queen and some Bugs would return. She only craves sugar. In her appearances, she is voiced by Vincent D'Onofrio.

Actual Appearance

In The Mine, Mine, Mine Syndrome, many other Bugs come to Earth. They protect the Queen who is disguised as a small girl, and came to Earth to lay her eggs. However, she encounters the Emperor Worm, when she reveals her true form. After a quest, Kay, Jay, and Elle are able to save the Worm, and destroy the Queen's eggs and larvae. The Queen then falls into a pool with a neon sign which electrocutes her. Finally, the agents freeze the Queen.


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