"Bugs thrive on carnage, Tiger. They consume, infest, destroy, live off the death and destruction of other species."

K, describing Bugs to J.

Species Information
Earth Disguise Humans
Notable Individuals Edgar the Bug
Edwin the Bug
Geen the Bug
Bug Queen
First Appearance Men in Black

Bugs are an alien race who are strikingly insect-like in appearance. A Bug serves as the main antagonist of the original film. Here, Edgar the Bug ventures to Earth in order to instigate a war over the Arquilian Galaxy. It is shown in the film that these Bugs share a kinship with insects native to Earth, specifically cockroaches. The Bugs also appear to have some sort of special connection to these insects, as they can feel pain whenever they are near any insect that is killed.


"Imagine a giant cockroach with unlimited strength, a massive inferiority complex, and a real short temper is tear-assing around Manhattan island in a brand new Edgar suit."

As shown in the animated series, Bugs come in many forms, and look like a variety of insects, not just cockroaches. Bugs are extremely large, even bigger than humans. They are also extremely powerful. Many of them have stingers, and other characteristics of insects. It has also been shown that even after being blown in half, they can still move and attack. They also have an uncanny interest in sugar water. They also emit a green biological signature, based on what K said when hoping it wasn't a Bug who crashed on Earth. Based on K's pleading that the bio-energy signature not turn up green as well as his angst at reporting to Zed the identity of the alien that crashed on Earth, bugs are a notoriously vicious species in the cosmos.


Men in Black

In the original film, Edgar the Bug comes to Earth looking for the Arquilian galaxy. He goes around using the human skin of a farmer named Edgar, and is able to get the galaxy near the end. However, Jay and Kay are able to shoot down his ship, in which the Bug reveals his true self after removing his skin disguise. After a struggle, Kay purposely gets eaten, but manages to find his gun and kills the Bug from the inside after Jay was able to distract the Bug by squishing several cockroaches. After this, Jay and Kay finally sit down covered in slime and recovering from their battle with the bug, but the bug starts crawling behind them, and just before it attempts to eat Jay and Kay and tries to get to the second ship, Laurel, a morgue worker whom the bug kidnapped, shoots the Bug by using Jay's gun which was dragged out of the bug's stomach. According to Edgar himself, there were at least 78 million Bugs, all of whom are members of his family.

Men in Black: The Series

Big Bad Bug

Edwin in the animated series

In the animated spin-off, one Bug, by the name of "Geen",(appears in The Take No Prisoners Syndrome) escapes from M.I.B's prison with the help of Dr. Lupo, though Geen and the other prisoners are arrested again. The Bugs come back to Earth in The Big Bad Bug Syndrome. Here, Edgar's brother Edwin comes to Earth, sent by the Bug Queen, to get revenge on whoever killed Edgar. Here, Edwin kidnaps Elle, originally Laurel before being an agent, to get revenge. After fighting off several Bugs, the Worms are able to kill Edwin. The Bugs return once again in The Mine, Mine, Mine Syndrome where the Queen of the Bugs herself comes to lay eggs, and makes a final assault in The "J" is for James Syndrome, where she is finally destroyed.

Men in Black II

In the second film, only a single bug is seen. After getting his memory rebooted, Kay almost steps on a cockroach, but he decides not to. The roach then remarks "Damn decent of you".

It is unknown if this creature was truly a member of the Bug race as unlike the others, he was not voiced by Vincent D'Onofrio, and also doesn't seem to exhibit the typical personality characteristics of a Bug. Though he could very well be a Bug, as this would explain Edgar's concern over the well being of earthly insects.



Bug(?)'s mugshot

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