Species Information
Home Planet Boglodotia
Native Language Unnamed language
Earth Disguise Human in physiology, interior markedly different.
Notable Individuals Boris The Animal
First Appearance Men in Black III

The Boglodites were a species of parasitic aliens, from the planet Boglodotia, renowned for stripping a planet of its resources, as in order to survive they must continuously devour planet after planet to avoid their species' starvation. The only known surviving member of this species after the establishment of the Arc Net Shield around Earth is Boris The Animal. The following planets that are devoured are Arc (Griffin's home planet), Byvoida (Roman the Fabulist's home planet), Parlaxia (Dom's home planet, who owns Cosmic Lanes), and Glamouria (the planet of the Glamourians).

Due to the altered timeline, Boglodites have now been completely extinct for 40 years because of Boris the Animal's death, as he was the last Boglodite. When Jay returns to the altered future, Kay confirms this by saying the Boglodites have been extinct for forty years.


Boglodites are superhumanly strong, able to crush a metal tin in their bare hands. They can sprout finger-like appendages from their feet for extra grip. They are seen to survive the vacuum of space when Boris walked out of LunarMax Prison and bounded around the surface of the moon with no breathing apparatus. They also have a Boggi that lives in the palm of their hand, that can shoot lethal spikes at high speed. They can control these creatures with gutteral vocal commands. They can shapeshift into their disguise which looks almost completely human, except for bulges in their forehead and chest, and slits in their hands in which the Boggi live in and they they also wear glasses to hide their invisible eyes (if they have any).

Boris The Animal

A Boglodite in human guise.


The Boglodites natural appearance is an amalgamation of spiky fingers and claws in a somewhat humanoid shape, and also resembles a grotesque arachnid and an echinoderm-like creature. They have a long reptilian tongue, and no visible eyes or nose. When Boris snarled, his mouth distended to reveal dozens of sharp, fang-like teeth.


Boglodite craft

A spacecraft of Boglodite origin.

Although the invading Boglodite forces are not seen, their spacecraft hover over the skies of New York. The Boglodite spacecraft are equipped with a metal dome encased over a red underbelly of tentacles and globular circles. These tentacles are capable of plowing through nearby buildings with minimal difficulty. Traced alongside the rim of each spacecraft are a multitude of appendages. Based on their organic-looking appearance underneath the metal domes, the Boglodite craft may actually be bioships.


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