Agent W
Andy W Warhol
Real Name Andrej Varhola, Jr.
Race Human
Role Undercover Agent
Continuities Film
First Appearance Men in Black 3
Actor Info
Portrayed By Bill Hader

Andy Warhol is an American artist, printmaker, and filmmaker. Agent K revealed that he is Agent W, a member of the Men in Black. He was a leading figure in the Visual Art Movement known as pop art. Despite his fame, Warhol is desperate to end his undercover job since "[He's] so running out of ideas, [He's] painting soup cans and bananas" (which Agent J rather likes) and "can't tell the men from the women" and requests that Agent K help him fake his death. Warhol passed in 1987. In Men in Black III, Warhol appears in the 1960's part of the time-travel tale. He is played by Bill Hader.


Agent W Undercover

Andy Warhol (Agent W) undercover as Photographer at his factory


  • Hader had to wear a fake nose to play Warhol.


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