He is only known mostly of his role in the MIB series

Alpheus Merchant (Born Feburary 8, 1923) is a former American soldier who had served in World War ll and a minor actor in a few flims. He plays as the MiB Guard in all 3 Men in Black movies.


2012Men in Black 3  MIB Guard (uncredited) 2002ER (TV series)  Elderly Man– Chaos Theory (2002) … Elderly Man 2002The Country Bears  Elderly Black Man 2002Men in Black II  MIB Guard 2002Peeping Tom (short)  Grandpa Harris 2001Scrubs (TV series)  Sleeping Patient– My Best Friend's Mistake (2001) … Sleeping Patient 2001Dead Last (TV series)  Old Man– Heebee Geebee's (2001) … Old Man 1997Brooklyn South (TV series)  Wilson– Life Under Castro (1997) … Wilson 1997Men in Black  Security Guard 1994Murder Between Friends (TV movie)   1993Fallen Angels (TV series)  Janitor– Dead End for Delia (1993) … Janitor 1993


  • Alpheus Merchant has only played mostly small roles throughout his acting career.
  • He is actually only recongized mostly of his role as the MiB Guard.
  • Rumors has it, Alpheus Merchant had passed away of a mild stroke sometime in late 2012 or early 2013 at the age of 87.

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