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Agent T
Agent T

Former Name


Portrayed By

Patrick Warburton




MiB Agent

Agent T (or just Tee) is a former agent of the MiB, shown only in Men in Black II. Tee was a marine for six years before joining the MiB. He was brought in to be another partner to Agent J after the neuralyzing of Agent K, among his other previous partners. He was later neuralyzed by Agent J, as he doesn't have the same standards as Agent K had.


He was a marine serving for the United States before joining MiB in 2002. He was Agent J's partner for five months. He is first seen with J, encountering Jeff, a giant alien worm living in the New York City subways. Agent T aggressively resorts to violent actions by gripping Jeff's flower. This causes Jeff to emerge from the subway into immediate height, bringing T with him. He throws T away, leaving J alone to fight off Jeff. After that, J encounters T on the bench and they go to buy some pie at a diner. There T cries in public, because he believes J is gonna Neuralize him for his failure. J asks him why he joined MiB and he said he thought it would make him a hero. J laments to him that he picked the wrong job, because no one knows who he (J) was before and in turn they couldn't love him or find him heroic because of it. T, knowing this applies to himself too begins crying again while J reviews how long T was his partner and synchronizes it with the Neuralizer. After erasing his memory of his work at MiB, he tells him to get married and have a lot of kids, to which T enthusiastically agrees. To make sure he does, J tells a waitress at the diner that T thinks she's hot. Whether or not the two date is unknown.


  • Tee joined the MiB in February 1st at noon, which was five months, three days, and nine hours before he was neuralyzed. This means the events of the film started July 4th at 9pm.
  • Tee is aggressive and quick to resort to violence, as shown when he immediately grabbed the flower on Jeff's "head".
  • Tee is the only Agent seen in the field without a weapon.
  • One of the founding members of is also called Agent T, according to the animated series.


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