Agent P is an MiB agent and the main protagonist and player character in Men In Black: Alien Crisis. He is a former archeologist turned art thief who worked for Emilo Chauncy. He is later disappointed to discover that Chauncy is actually an alien who was poised to steal an Egyptian book. When he learns of Chauncy's plan to use the book for world domination while being interrogated, he is recruited to join the MiB in stopping him. He accepts and joins Agent C and Frank the Pug in their mission to stop Chauncy.


Men In Black: Alien Crisis

Before becoming an MiB agent he is was known as a professional art thief named Peter Delacour and was under the employ of Emilo Chauncy. After stealing what he thought was an old Egyptian book he meets with Chauncy and his accomplices in a parking garage where he hands over the book to Chauncy. Chauncy orders his accomplices to kill Delacour but before they would do so. Other aliens disguised as humans interrupt the meeting and one of them is killed when his alien weapon, an Adorian Crossbow is knocked out of his hands. Delacour picks up the weapon and fights his way out of the garage. He attempts to stop Chauncy but a huge Adorian elite guard attacks him before he would do so.

After he defeats the alien MiB personnel arrive at the crime scene. Delacour attempts to slip away but is caught by Agent C and Frank the Pug. Cee orders Frank to take Delacour back to MiB headquarters while she pursues Chauncy. Along the way Frank introduces himself to Delacour while they are attacked by other Adorians but they managed to elude them.

At MiB HQ, Delacour is interrogated by Cee and Frank into how well he knows Chauncy. He claims that either he doesn't know him or either doesn't work for him. He also tells them that Chauncy wanted him to steal some old Egyptian relic. He continues to make snide comments until Cee reminds him about a war between Chauncy's race the Adorians and the Nakkadans. Delacour is also reminded that Chauncy intended to use the book for world dommination. After the interrogation Delacour meets with the new Chief of MiB Agent O. She is introduced to him and Cee tells her about how they caught Chauncy's accomplices and some information about the two missing MiB agents (Who are presumably Agent K and Agent J). Delacour escapes while Cee is speaking to Oh though Frank noticed he was gone and notified the other two. While trying to escape the MiB headquarters Delacour is suddenly found by Oh, Cee, and Frank in the parking area. Cee gives Delacour a choice to either help the MiB stop Chauncy or be neuralyzed, Delacour chooses to join.

After being put through a training program where he finally passes the test by defeating a hologram of Serleena. Delacour given the "last suit he'll ever wear" and becomes Agent P, the newest MiB agent, similar as to how Agent J was recruited in the first film.


  • Although there were several Men in Black video games based on the films, Peter Delacour is the first video game exclusive protagonist.
  • He is based on Agent J.
  • He shows some similarities to Jay, such as when he is first recruited to join the MiB he made some snide comments while being interrogated by Cee and Frank. In the first film Jay does the same when first talking with Zed.
  • When first firing the Adorian Crossbow in the first level of the game Delacour refers to it "as explosive fire ball thingies".