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Agent L

Former Name

Laurel Weaver

Portrayed By

Linda Fiorentino

Voiced By

Jennifer Lien (season 1-3)

Jennifer Martin (season 4)




Mib Agent/Morgue Worker

I hate the living.

Agent L (also called Elle, or just L) is a former agent of the MiB. She is a beautiful but cynical deputy medical examiner. She joined MiB after Kay was neuralyzed, so she became Jay's new partner. In the original film she is played by Linda Fiorentino.


Before MiB

Elle before

Laurel in the morgue

Laurel Weaver is portrayed as a young and cynical deputy medical examiner. She has a fairly slender figure, dark hair, and a fairly deep voice, almost monotonous voice. Laurel investigates the corpse of a man that Officer James Edwards of the New York Police Department was chasing and claims that the man had two different sets of eyelids. She finds evidence supporting Edwards's claims. Edwards's superiors were interviewing Edwards about this in an interrogation room at the police department. They then take a break from questioning him and leave the room. Laurel then quietly and quickly walks into the room, touching the wall of the room with her right hand as she does. It is clear that she has been awakened during the middle of the night as evidenced by her disheveled appearance. She is wearing a grey suit with no tie that is not buttoned, revealing her blue blouse underneath it, which is also not buttoned, revealing her throat. She is wearing a black belt. She is wearing an ID around her neck and has on earrings. There are some hairs going down her forehead, but her hair is in a bun. She goes to Edwards, who is seated at the interrogation table, turns her body, and leans in closely to him. She tells him, "I believe you." She then extends her right hand, looking down at it, and shakes Edwards's, turning her head to look him in the eye. "Laurel Weaver, Deputy Medical Examiner. Find me at the morgue on 26th." She points with her right index finger and touches Edwards's shoulder. She finally adds, "I'll show you." She starts to leave quickly as she says this and exits the interrogation room, despite Edwards calling after her to ask for more information. She touches the wall with her left hand as she leaves. Immediately outside the room, Agent K stops her as he takes out his neuralyzer and asks her if she is the Laurel Weaver who is working on the corpse. She replies, "Yes, that's right." K then asks, "Would you look at this, please?" and flashes the neuralyzer in her face before he walks into the interrogation room. A blank look comes over Laurel, and her eyes look focus while she freezes momentarily. After coming out of the trance-like state, she turns her head to her right confusedly, sees nothing, and walks off. It is presumed that K erased her memories about the corpse that she was examining, as well as her memory of asking Edwards to meet with her. Furthermore, to remove all evidence of her discovery, the Men in Black also probably removed the alien corpse as well. As a result, she has no idea what she has discovered and will probably obliviously continue her day, never realizing that aliens may exist. That same night, K also neuralized Edwards as well, causing him to forget about his encounter with Laurel.


Laurel at the morgue


Discovering the Galaxy


Taken hostage

Afterwards, K and the newly recruited Edwards (now known as Agent J) realize that if they want to find Edgar the Bug, they will have to search the morgue, as Edgar will have killed by now. Later, a human corpse and two dead bodies of disguised aliens along with a cat (who refuses to leave its owner) are wheeled in to her morgue. When the one with the cat is wheeled in by a police officer, he demands to know where to put him. Laurel is across the room, leaning over another corpse. She looks up, still touching the other corpse, stands up, and replies, "Just leave it there." Upon seeing the cat, she asks, "What's with the cat?" When the officer replies, she tilts her head to the right in his direction. He tells her that there is a "problem" with the cat and asks to sign a clipboard that he is handing her. She looks at him and takes the clipboard and pen while also looking at the cat. As she is looking at the clipboard, signing it, she asks, "What's the problem with the cat?" She then looks down at the cat slightly. The officer then takes the clipboard and pen from her, so she looks up at him, and he tells her that the cat is now her problem and laughs before leaving. She raises her right hand and opens her mouth slightly as if to protest but changes her mind. She puts her arm down and looks at the cat, then she cocks her head in the officer's direction. She then cocks it toward the cat and looks down and declares, "I hate the living." She turns her head to look at the corpse. She then walks to the side of the corpse where the cat is. She then puts on a green lab coat and wears her hair in a bun again (with some hairs going down her face). She starts examining the bodies and continues examining them for several hours late into the night, where she notices several oddities about the alien ones. As she examines one, a look of disbelief and amazement comes over her face. Looking again more closely inside the body, she declares, "Oh, my God!" She laughs, cocks her head to look at the corpse's face, and adds, "Whoa, buddy, what are you?" After finishing her autopsies, she removes her lab coat and the bun on her hair, sits at her table in the dark morgue with only a light on at her desk, and says her report into a large microphone, which is to her right, making her turn her body and head slightly right. She is also writing with her right hand as she speaks. She dictates in a calm manner (although there is clear excitement quivering in her voice), "Subject was approximately 112 degrees at time of autopsy, indicating an increase in body temperature. Examiner tried to verify this rectally only to find the subject was without rectum, which is, needless to say, really-" She shakes her head slightly as she says this and is trying to find the right word to use, but before she can finish her sentence, K and J arrrive with K saying, "Weird." She turns her head to the left where she hears K's voice and looks up, her mouth slightly open in surprise (her face also reflecting her startled nature). K then turns on the lights in the morgue and introduces himself as Dr. Leo Manville of the Department of Public Health and introduces J as Dr. White. Laurel scoffs upon hearing this and tilts her head down to look at the watch on her left wrist. She flirtatiously replies, "You boys must not have much of a home life." She looks back up at the two of them. K calls her "ma'am" and then asks if she has seen anything unusual. Laurel replies as she gets up from her seat and walks around her desk while continuing to look at K and J. She says, "I'd say so. Triple homicide. She looks toward the area where the bodies are kept as she and the agents walk, pointing and gesturing with her hands, and says, tilting her head to her left, "The first body I opened up was pretty normal, except he was broken in half." She then scans the freezers to find the bodies that she is referring to and twists her head to her right to look at K and continues, saying "But, uh, when I opened up the other two, well - let me show you." She then turns to look ahead and finds the drawers with one of the bodies in it. She leans into the drawer and with her left hand, she opens it. She then leans in again and pulls out the slab with the body with her right hand. She stands up straight and looks down toward the face of the corpse. While looking at the agents, Laurel, with an intrigued look on her face, removes the sheet covering the body and says, "There's a skeletal structure at work here unlike anything I've ever seen before." She then puts her left hand on her left hip. K says that he will look at this body and tells J to look at the other body with Laurel. Laurel looks at J while he says this and moves her head slightly. She then walks around the corpse, her hands back to her sides, and says to J, "This way, Doctor." They start walking to where she was performing the autopsy. As they walk, she turns her head and body to her left towards J while gesturing with both her hands. She says, "This one's even stranger." She then flips to look ahead, causing her raven black hair to bob. Walking ahead of J with her arms swinging, Laurel says matter-of-factly, "I did a full laparotomy. I started with the lesser curvature of the stomach, but we could start with the gastroesophageal junction, whichever you prefer." She walks to the slab with the body as she finishes speaking. She leans down reaches for her lab coat with her left hand as she says this and swings her head to her right to look up at J. She shrugs and looks at the body as she puts on her lab coat. As she puts it on, she looks up to her right at J again waiting for an answer, but J, knowning nothing about corpses, clumsily suggests that they start where she started. As he says this, she looks straight at the corpse, then back at J, with a calm and almost smiling expression on her face. She smiles at this, cheerfully says, "Okeydokey," turns her head to her left, reaches for a box of gloves with both her arms and hands, takes a glove with her left hand, turns back to look at J, offers him the box to take a glove (which he takes, her lips being slightly open), puts down the box on the table in front of the slab, looks at the glove that she is holding, calmly and cooly uses both hands to start putting on her glove. As they are doing this, they hear a cat meowing, and J looks down at his shoes while Laurel tilts her head to her right and looks down where they see the cat. She then looks back at her glove and finishes putting it on her right hand. J asks if that is her cat. She turns her head to her right to look at J, then looks down at the body. She replies, "Guess it is now. It came with the body. Okay." She turns her head right and looks up at J, smiling. She cheerfully says, "Dive right in. I'm sure he won't mind." She looks at the body as she finishes this statement. She calmly sticks her hand into the body and looks in with delight while J squirms with disgust. As he is doing this, Laurel turns her head to her right and looks up at J. She smiles, sighs, and says, "You have really pretty eyes." She then looks back at the body. J thanks her and is now clearly becoming sexually attracted to her. She definitely is, as evidenced by her flirting. She looks into the body, smiling. She then looks back up at J and laughs. She then asks carefully, "Okay, you feel that? Where the pyloric junction would be?" J is clearing not paying attention to what she is saying as he is probably fantasizing about having sex with her. She looks back down at her and J's hand in the corpse and tells J, "Push it aside." They do, but J is not actually looking. She shakes her head and asks, "Notice anything strange? Stomach, liver, lungs?" They remove their hands from the corpse, and J says that they are "all fine." Laurel turns her head right and looks up in surprise at J. She eyes the corpse, looks back at J, and says, "Doctor, they're all missing." She turns her head slightly as J fumbles an excuse for his mistake. He claims that he meant that the missing organs are probably intact, wherever they are, but fortunately for J, Laurel is no longer paying attention to his mistake. She turns her body toward him more as he says this. Her right hand, which is still hovering over the body, goes to her side. She looks over J's shoulder to see where K is and then back at J with a curious look on her face. She clearly has an inquisitive, skeptical expression. She eyes the ground blankly as he says this and then looks back at J. She then tilts her head and asks curiously, "Have we met before?" She then laughs, turns her head to her left slightly, then she looks back at J. She continues, "I'm having the strangest feeling of deja vu." J says that he is as well. "Really?" asks Laurel. Their mutual deja vu is due to the fact that they have met before, but both were neuralyzed. Although they no longer remember their meeting, deja vu is a common side effect of being neuralyzed. She closes her eyes for a moment, her tongue sticks out seductively for a moment, and she turns her head left and looks down at the corpse. She sighs erotically, looks back at J, and says, "Okay, do you want to know what I really think?" She tilts her head over her right shoulder sexily as she says this. She then jerks her head and eyes in K's direction. "But don't tell that guy, he looks like he's under enough stress," adds Laurel She looks down slightly at the body again with her head and right shoulder close to J. J looks at her with desire. Laurel then says, "See, I don't think this body is really a body." She looks up excitedly at J as she says this. She then looks away, eyeing the body, and says, "I think it's some kind of transport unit for something else altogether." She motions with her hands while talking, and her head is still leaning towards J. She concludes, "The question is, what?" She appears happy with this theory, which is accurate. She smilingly swings her head up, looks at J (who is dumbfounded by Laurel's accuracy) with a slightly concerned expression in her eyes, and asks, "Is this freaking you out?" Her eyes shift after she says that. J once again fumbles with his words, calling Laurel "girl," and tells her that he is fine. She looks down a little and then back at J. After looking down one last time, she changes her tone and looks up at J with a look of desire in her eye, eyes him carefully, and asks seductively and teasingly, "You know what I like to do sometimes when it is really late?" Her eyes flutter as she says this. She is trying to seduce J by asking this question laden with innuendo. Most likely, she is going to talk about how she pleasures herself when she is alone. She is probably then going to invite J to her place. They would probably make out first, grope each other (J would feel and kiss Lauren's supple breasts), strip naked (revealing Laurel's lurid black negligee), grope and make out some more, and then have passionate, wild, loud, aggressive sex where the two will ravish each other until neither can move. This is something Laurel wants and needs. She knows that she can satisfy J because she has an incredibly gorgeous body. Her mouth and tongue are flexible and can do amazing things. She can do many different forms of sex. Her body can bend and curve with such precision. She will do every depraved thing imaginable to pleasure J. Unfortunately, this never happens. A stunned and aroused J replies to her question with "No." Laurel then tilts her head sexily to her right side, smiles (her red lips becoming visible), closes her eyes, opens them, and is about to say what she does when K ruins the moment by calling J to come over to the other body. She turns her head in the direction of K's voice with a clear look of disappointment in her face. She turns her head back, sighs, looks toward the corpse, tilts her head to her right, closes her eyes briefly, and opens them again. She swings her head to her right, her hair bobbing as she does so, and looks up at J. J excuses himself and heads over to K, clearly disappointed. Laurel nods understandingly, leaves her sort of open, turns her head towards the corpse, tilts her head to her left, and looks down at the corpse. She decides not to let the interrupted moment ruin her plans. She will wait for J and seduce him again with her femininity. She continues to examine the corpse while J is going to K. K then asks J what he thinks about the corpse that he just examined with Laurel, but a distracted J is still stuck on Laurel, so he misinterprets the question, "What do you think?" He replies, referring to Laurel, "Very interesting. She got a real Queen-of-the-Undead thing going." K then says that he means the body, to which J replies, "Great body." Exasperated, K says that he means the corpse. Upon hearing this, J tells K to take a look at it himself. While he is talking with K, Laurel's voice is heard in the distance, calling out, "Dr. White?" They do not hear her. She is now visible and is leaning over the corpse but far away. She calls out again, "Dr. White?!" She then turns around and takes a few steps towards the two agents and calls out annoyedly, "Dr. White." She is holding up her right gloved hand while her left is on her hip. They hear her, and J heads back to her. She starts walking back to the slab, her head still turned around watching J. She turns around completely and goes back to the slab when she sees J following her back. She leans in toward the corpse, looking at the face. Her head is tilting to her right. She looks up right to see J coming and then looks back down at the corpse's face, pointing at a button on the ear with her right index finger, saying, "Look at this." Her eyes are wide, and intrigue and excitement overcome her face. Curious about the button, J presses it. The face then opens up, causing Laurel to gasp and jerk back slightly. Her head direction is the same, and she looks with curiosity and excitement as the face opens up where they discover a tiny alien barely alive inside the human-looking robot. Her eyes grow wider and wider. Upon seeing the tiny alien, she blinks, and her expression becomes soft. The alien says that they need to prevent something but struggles with his English and cannot find the word that he wants. She leans in closer. She then asks, "War?" She has found the word that the alien is trying to say. Before dying, the alien manages to tell Laurel and J, "The galaxy is on Orion's belt." Laurel looks down at the alien, with a sad and soft expression. J wonders what the alien's last words mean, but Laurel shakes her head and sighs in confusion, not knowing either. J then calls for K but forgets his alias, so he calls him, "Dr. Whatever." Laurel turns her head right in J's direction in surprise. She then turns her head a little to look in K's direction, then she turns her head back to look at J. She is holding her right hand up accusatorily. "Dr. 'Whatever'?" asks Laurel in a suspicious manner. She smiles, tilts her head right slightly as K arrives, and says, "Hey, you guys aren't really from the Department of Health, are you?" The two agents do not pay attention to her question. Instead, K notices the alien and tells J that the Arquillians will not be happy as that alien was a royal family member. Upon hearing this, Laurel looks down at the alien, then back at the agents. Her mouth opens triumphantly, and she smiles. She laughs. "I knew it," declares Laurel, who points her right index finger at the alien. She looks down at it again and back at the agents. "This is an alien," she says. "And you guys are from some government agency trying to keep it under wraps." She nods her head as she says this. Once again, the agents ignore her. She starts to babble on excitedly. The agents then put on their sunglasses while K prepares the neuralyzer, but Laurel is completely unaware of this, as she is chatting away, piecing things together. She says, "Ths makes total sense. How else do you explain New York? The other day, I was in this cab, and this guy was-" However, she never finishes her sentence because K flashes the neuralyzer in her face, erasing her memory of getting the bodies, examining them, discovering their oddities, her meeting with the agents, her flirtation and seduction of J, and her discovering the tiny alien. She stops talking and freezes, her mouth slightly open. Her eyes lose focus, and a blank look comes over her face. In actuality, this would be the perfect time for J to have his way with her, as he can do whatever he wants to her, including kissing her, groping her, stripping her, and she would never know. K then tells J that the alien's statement does not make any sense, but J looks to Laurel for support, forgetting that she has already neuralyzed, much to his dismay, as this has ruined his plans to sleep with her. Her neuralyzed expression has changed slightly, but it is basically the same. She then comes out of her trance-like state, blinks several times, and looks around, confused. Her tone then changes when she sees the agents (seemingly for the first time), and she says, "Hey, whoever you guys are, you're gonna have to show me some ID if you're gonna be in morgue." She looks down toward them as she says this. This is strange, as she failed to ask for ID earlier. The agents quickly put on their sunglasses again, K takes out the neuralyzer, calls her "young lady," asks her to look at the neuralyzer, and flashes her again, further angering J, as he believes the neuralyzer will give her brain cancer. Laurel has the same blank expression, unfocused eyes, and frozen look. Perhaps the force of the flash caused the hair on the right side of her face to slightly cover her eyes. She looks gorgeous. K responds to J's concerns by telling him that the neuralyzer has never hurt her before. He then tells J to get the morgue closed off for special services. J calls Laurel a "poor woman," and K admits that he has flashed a couple of times before and is only slightly concerned about any long-term damage on Laurel. Laurel has probably come to as they are leaving and is probably very confused, but she will not be for long. Outside the morgue, J and K meet with the MIB cleanup crew. K tells the cleanup crew that there are two dead aliens and that Laurel needs a new memory. At J's insistence, K tells the crew to make Laurel's new memory a "happy" one.


Later, the neuralyzed and oblivious Laurel is sitting at he desk in the morgue. She is wearing a white unbuttoned shirt and a grey miniskirt. She is writing down something with her right hand with her left hand touching the table. She is looking down at the paper. Her hair is in a bun. She is no longer wearing earrings. The cat that came with the body that she no longer remembers leaps onto the table, startling Laurel and causing her mouth to open. She stops writing and looks up to her right to see the cat. She laughs. She strokes the cat with her right hand and touches the collar with her left, looking down at it. She says, "Boy, when you want attention." She looks up at the cat again. She looks down at the collar and leans her head closer and notices the name on the belt, touching it with her left hand. "Orion," she says. "That's a pretty name." She then observes the galaxy that she is touching with her left hand (which she has no idea about). "What's this?" wonders Laurel. She tilts her head slightly to her right, blinks, and looks closely and curiously at the galaxy, her eyes widening. She lets go of the galaxy with her left hand. Her mouth opens slightly in amazement, and her face becomes excited. "Wow," she whispers. She sees the stars and planets inside the galaxy. Her eyes continue to widen. She is almost hypnotized by the beauty of the galaxy. Unbeknownst to her, Edgar has arrived at the morgue to retrieve the galaxy. At the same time, J and K arrive at the morgue to get the cat and galaxy. J asks if he can handle retrieving the cat, as he is afraid that K will start unnecessarily neuralyzing her, giving her leukemia. He also adds that K does not need to erase the memory of half her medical school classes. He asks for five minutes to get the cat, but K gives him two. Meanwhile, Edgar has arrived in the morgue and is being rough with Laurel. Edgar throws her against a morgue drawer, demanding to know where the cat is. Laurel is gettng more and more disheveled in her appearance. She replies in a confused and terrified manner, "I told you I don't know." Edgar then grabs her left shoulder and points his gun at her, getting in her face. She looks at him curiously, and her eyes widen in fear. Edgar then tells her that they will see if they can find the cat. He then grabs her by the back of the collar of her shirt, causing her to gasp and scream, and he drags her across the floor. She is lifting and waving her arms in the air, and her mouth is open. She tries to grab Edgar's arm with her right hand to stop him, but her efforts are futile. Her left arm is flailing about as well. She screams again. At that point, J arrives at the counter of the morgue and rings the bell, calling out for someone to arrive. Edgar stops pulling her, and Laurel's arms fall down. She looks down to her left and then up with hope and fear at the sound of the bell. Her eyes then look up, then she looks to her right with her eyes and head. With no one answering the bell, J enters the morgue. Laurel is standing behind a gurney near the entrance, and Edgar is nowhere in sight. Her hair is slightly loose. She looks to her right to see J enter the morgue. Her arms are at her sides. He greets her, and she says, "Hello." Her head looks straight at him as he stands in front of her table. J claims to be a police officer. She nods at this. He tells her that a cat came in with the corpse the other day. She nods again. Her mouth is slightly open. She looks to her left slightly uneasily, then back at J. "Yes, that's right," replies Laurel, with a nervous smile. J then says that the cat is a witness in a crime and that he needs it back. Laurel blinks, shakes her head, and says, "Well, I don't know where the cat is right now." This surprises J. She then tilts her head to her right, flutters her eyes, and flirtatiously says, smiling, "No, but maybe you could take me with you instead." She turns her head slightly left and looks at J sexily. She then looks straight at J again. J believes that she is flirting with him, and he replies, "Damn, you do start fast, don't you?" She nods, smiles, and replies, "I'd really like to go with" J replies, "Uh, huh. Exactly why is that?" It is then revealed that Edgar is hiding underneath the gurney and is grabbing her left leg to stop her from moving. Laurel then leans back slightly and points with her right finger underneath her, saying anxiously, "There's something I need to show you." J assumes that she is still trying to seduce and that she wants to show him her vagina, so he replies, "Slow down, girl. You ain't got to hit the gas like that." Laurel looks at J, shakes her head, and replies anxiously, "No, you don't understand. You really need to see this." She still says that in a flirtatious manner and then looks down to try and get J to see Edgar. J, still believing it to be about sex, tells her that he has to be the dominant person during intercourse. Laurel tilts her head to her right shoulder. Laurel is now angry and exasperated and tells J, "Look, stud, you're really not getting this." She points at J with her right finger before putting it by her side again. She continues saying, "There's something I need you to help me with." She is no longer being subtle in her hint for help. She smiles angrily. She points underneath her with her right index finger again and jerks her head frantically toward her lower right. She steps back slightly as she says this. She looks at J frantically. J looks down and finally realizes what Laurel is talking about. He looks back at Laurel, whose eyes and mouth are deliciously wide open. She has a look of fear and exasperation on her face. She nods her head. J prepares to get his gun out when the cat jumps on the gurney. Edgar quickly seizes it, knocking the gurney down. Laurel screams hysterically as she does this. She steps back as Edgar grabs the cat. Her arms swing up as she does so. She jerks to her right and lowers herself slightly while she watches Edgar in horror. K and J arrive, and they draw out their weapons. Edgar then takes Laurel hostage. He grabs her ravishing throat and points a gun at her. He pulls her back slightly. Laurel angrily tells J, "Christ, you are thick!" Her eyes are wide, her face is terrified, and her mouth is open. "Look," replies J. "How was I supposed to know?" "What do I have to do? Sing it for you?" retorts Laurel. "Well," says J. "If you weren't coming on like some drunken prom date-" Laurel interrupts J as Edgar pulls her backwards and says angrily and in a hurt tone, "Oh, God, that is so typical.


"Interesting job you guys have"

Men In Black The Series

In Men in Black The Series she is moved to the lab inside MiB headquarters becoming chief scientific officer and also an assistant to Zed. In The Long Goodbye Syndrome when Jay is pursued by Skraaldian aliens she gives Jay a freezing weapon to defend himself from them after Jay accidentally blew one alien up by firing his noisy cricket at him. In The Big Bad Bug Syndrome, Elle is pursued by another Bug named Edwin, Edgar's brother who wants revenge on her for Edgar's death. She is kidnapped again but when Jay and Kay arrive to rescue her all three are captured. They are later rescued by the Worms and a group of Bug bounty hunters. When the Bug bounty hunters need sugar to survive the Worms give them their sugared coffee. The bounty hunters fire at Edwin killing him just like how Edgar was killed. In The Musical Chairs Syndrome her role as chief scientific officer is later replaced by Dr Zan'dozz Zeeltor cause she wanted to move into field 

Mib 2052

Laurel is now Agent L

work. She is also given a new partner an alien named Agent X, since Jay and Kay were partner's again. But since this series is taking place after the events of the first film it is considered non-canon to the live action films.

Men In Black II

In Men in Black II, L does not appear, but is mentioned once. J explains that L apparently wanted to return to working as a medical examiner. It is unknown whether she willingly quit MIB or not. It is probable that J neuralyzed her without telling her. The memories that were erased included her encounters with the MIB, her witnessing Edgar the Bug, her recruitment and time at MIB, her romantic and sexual relationship with J, etc. J probably reintroduced her identity into the main system and probably implanted a false memory in her neuralyzed state that she was on a sabbatical during the time that she was at MIB. Now, she is probably once again the same sexy and cynical morgue examiner that she once was with no idea about the existence of aliens, although she probably still gets neuralyzed on a regular basis, as she probably continues dealing with alien corpses.



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