What you remember is that you used to drive that old, busted joint. See, I drive the new hotness.
Agent J to K
MIB2Car 2003MercedesE500

The "new hotness".

The 2003 E-500 Mercedes was Agent J's car in 2002. It replaces the LTD from the previous film. It came with accessories including a fake driver which retracts into the steering wheel, a computer and a flying car mode with the push of a red button (which is controlled through a PlayStation joypad similar to the DualShock — like Columbia Pictures, the PlayStation is owned by Sony).

Agent J has been using this car as his primary mode of transportation during the first half of the film, however when Agent K returns, he takes over as the driver.

This was Used Before The Car Went On Sale For The 2003 Model year




  • According to J the Mercedes's fake driver was originally modeled after an African American, but this was changed to a Caucasian due to getting pulled over. (This may however have ben a joke)
  • The fake driver cannot control the car in flight mode due to the autopilot not being implemented
  • In flight mode this vehicle implements a ventral automated neuralyzer, for the purpose of erasing the memory of a flying car in witnesses.

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